Market Crash Profits Challenge!

Join & participate fully in this challenge, if you don't make at least

RM100 in a month, we'll pay you RM100 for participating!*

Here's how this challenge will be conducted :

Part 1 : Easy Wins For Beginners

: Why Now Is A Great Time To Start & How To Do So Easily With Only RM380.
(Monday, 21 Nov 2022, 8pm)

Part 2 : How To Get Above Average Profits In A Short Time

And Skip Years Of Grinding?

(Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022, 8pm)

Part 3 : LIVE TRADE. Invest Together.

(Wednesday, 23 Nov 2022, 9.30pm)

Part 4 : Downtrend Trading Strategies -

Rare & Special Techniques

(Thursday, 24 Nov 2022, 8pm)

Part 5 : Graduation Class

(Saturday 17 December 2022, 8pm)

If you participate fully*, by the end of this challenge, you should have :

1. An account ready & funded with as little as RM380.

2. Have a clear step by step idea on how to capture this market crash opportunity,

even if you are a total beginner.

3. Made your first profit!*

4. A Game Plan, how to trade during this market crash for short term profits so you can use them to accumulate good stocks for long term wealth!

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* Terms & Conditions Of The RM100 Participating Fees : To be entitled to the participating fee, you would need to join all the 5 parts training LIVE, open a new account with our designated broker & fund at least RM380 capital into your account to perform an investment together during the LIVE TRADE happening on 23 Nov 2022. As part of this training, we'll guide you how to open & fund the account with our designated broker. You will have to ensure you submit your applications early so you can have your account ready & funded before the LIVE TRADE on 9.30pm, 23 Nov 2022 so you can participate fully. If you fulfil the criteria above and do not make at least RM100 gain in a month, just let us know and we'll send you the RM100 participating fees. This offer is only valid for this particular challenge only and will not be offered for registration after 21 Nov 2022.



Based on the past 10 years data, every time the S&P 500 (a measure of how the world's top economy's stock market is doing) drops to the blue line, it stops dropping and there is a strong rebound afterward. If you bought at the blue line in the past, you could have made big profits buying at one of the lowest! However, if you see in year 2020, once it dropped below the blue line, it falls sharply. If not because of the Federal Reserve lowering interest rate and boosting liquidity, we may not have such a sharp rebound....

Now, we are at the blue line again.
But the Federal Reserve is not here to save the market. Instead, they are increasing the interest rate and planning to reduce liquidity to lower inflation!
Will be have a strong rebound? Or a sharp drop now?

If we zoom even further to year 2000 to 2010 where there's not one but two major market crash.
2000s dotcom bubble and 2007-2009 subprime mortgage & financial crisis... You can see that once the share price break below the blue line, it's like the beginning of the end where market drops so much more than it did.

Could we be at this stage where market is about to speed up the crash?

Actually, to me, it doesn't matter whether it goes up or goes down.
I just need to know how to make profit from either way AND position myself early to capture the movement. If it rebounds, I can profit from buying & holding good stocks collected at cheap prices. If it drops further, I can profit from short term bets on market crash.

The problem is...
If you're a total beginner, you don't even know where to start or how to identify what are good stocks? Even if you're experienced, my observation tells me most people only know how to make money from market going up, they don't know how to generate short term profits from market crash.

If you have either one of the problems above,

join my challenge now.

You'll discover what's my strategy to make the most out of this market crash.
Making sure, I won't miss out buying good shares but at the same time, having a protection for my money... Whether you're a total beginner or experienced trader...

Reason #2 : Market Crash Is A Great Time To Make HUGE PROFITS.

This is why I'm so excited with the market crash... I've gotten richer from every market crash in my career... and now I'm better equipped than ever.

I started investing in year 2013, made my first profit of RM1500 with around RM9500 capital within 1-2 months of investing when I bought shares after share price drop around the time of general election of 2013. During the market crash of 2018-2019, I turned around RM150k into around RM300k in that period. After the market crash of 2020, I became a millionaire...

To me, market crash, while it may look scary while we are in it, can be a great blessing if we make the right moves during the crash.

For example, I made around RM20k profit while in Japan from a stock I've accumulated aggressively back in 2018 when market is down...

The more it drop, the more I could make. And now I have almost 10 years of investing experience with many more new strategies & skills I've acquired, not just to profit when market rebound, but also profit while market crash! I think I am better equipped to profit from this crash than ever!

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Reason #3 : With The Right Guidance, you too, can capture this market opportunity even if you're a total beginner.

When I made my first profit from stocks, I've only been to like a one day seminar and gotten a bit of overview investment.

In this challenge, I intend to show you so much more :

From how to open account, to what are the beginner friendly stocks we can invest with as little as RM380, to how to make big profits with small capital, to downtrend strategies to make short term profit as market crash....

surely, with these training and the experience of doing it together with me via LIVE TRADE, you will be much better equipped than me when I made my first profit in stocks!

This is not the first time I'm doing this type of training.
Over the past 8 years...
I've trained thousands of investors on stocks investment and below is just some of their feedback...

Why this challenge is special & why you must join now...

First of all, it includes a LIVE TRADE.
When I started investing, I only learnt some general theory and had to spent much time & resources doing trial and error to find out how to profit from market.
When you join this challenge, you can save much time & resources when you get my guidance not just on theory but we apply together.
In short, it's special and unique because it's practical and it's about implementation.
This is something you can't get from most paid seminar or books.. and this is FREE!

(This includes account opening guidance, how to use trading platforms, stock picking basic knowledge and much more!)

Secondly, as shown in the graphs above, this is a unique time in history where stocks have already crashed.. but there's a possibility that many investors that are in pain already could get their portfolio destroyed further if there's not equipped on how to deal with this. (If this market crash is like the ones in 2000-2010s, then most investors with less than 10 years experience have never experienced such pain before).

In my challenge, I'll show exactly how I intend to profit from the downtrend.
With strategy for short term profit, even as share price is falling.
So I could make more money as capital to accumulate cheap shares in future!

And lastly...
If you participate fully*, you're gonna get at least RM100! Either from your gain, or from a participating fee from us! And this is only valid for THIS ONE TIME.

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Market Crash Profits Challenge